The rebooted pride flag, mean to recognize the specific struggles of queer and trans POC

Its almost the end of Pride month, and, inevitably, some people claim queerness is nothing to be proud of. In an ideal world, sure, orientation and gender identity would just be facts about you and not accomplishments to be proud of, but this isn’t the world we live in. Our world is one that makes queer existence a feat in and of itself. Mainstream culture reminds us that it isn’t for us on a daily basis. Here, I’ll go over a few point of pride I’ve found in my queer life.

  1. Inner work — The queer journey is a tough one, and it requires you to take apart every piece of yourself and study your inner workings. My journey started when I began asking myself how I thought and felt instead of living the life sold to me as the ‘respectable’ one. It felt revolutionary at the time, and it burst forth with a strength that almost took me with it! I had to question everything: who I was, what I wanted. I had to closely scrutinize everything my environment had taught me and evaluate it’s truth. It can be a lot of work, but it is so worth it. It gave me a firm foundation of identity so that I could live without an inevitable identity crisis down the line.

Being a queer person is a lot of work. We have to deconstruct our identities and try to explain them to people who don’t want to understand. We have to find community when visibility is a risk. We have to constantly battle harrassment and political optics while doing all the stressful, mundane things everyone else does to. Queerness is also absolutely freeing! We grant ourselves the agency to find the way that fits us best, and there’s a certain solidarity once community is found. This is why I’m proud.

(Also, Black Lives Matter, sexuality and gender is often racialized, and black trans women are being killed. Queer issues and black issues overlap, especially for queer people of color. Protest, raise awareness, and donate if you can. )

🟡⚪🟣⚫ (any and all pronouns) I’m a (so far) self taught aspiring product designer interested in operating systems and the devices they run on. WVWC CS ‘21