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  • The Cube

    The Cube

    I am on fire

  • Casey Fiesler

    Casey Fiesler

    Faculty in Information Science at CU Boulder. Social computing, copyright, ethics, women in tech, fan communities, geekery. www.caseyfiesler.com

  • Rohan Tandon

    Rohan Tandon

    UX/UI designer, Illustrator, AR Developer; focused on Product Design for social, economic, technological systems. lucidstarfield.com

  • Adam (Futur3Sn0w)

    Adam (Futur3Sn0w)

    I’m Adam, better known online as Futur3Sn0w. I’m a graphic designer and (sometimes) music producer/DJ. I also moonlight as a writer!

  • Adobe Portfolio

    Adobe Portfolio

    Beautifully simple. Free with Creative Cloud, showcasing your creativity is easy with Portfolio

  • Aly E

    Aly E

    Just trying to propagandize and agitate. Support me on patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/alyesque

  • lindsayjin


    Adult, human, female, transgender, intersectional feminist wildflower; “mother” to my kids; a girl interrupted for far too long

  • Niels Laute

    Niels Laute

    UX designer by day, Windows developer by night. Talks about Fluent, XAML and UWP a lot.

  • Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana

    Zee-Al-Eid Ahmad Rana

    Tech geek who knows a bit about design 🖌

  • Johny Vino

    Johny Vino

    Specialized in humanizing User Experience. www.johnyvino.com. Building: interactions.johnyvino.com | skl.sh/johny

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