🟡⚪🟣⚫ (any and all pronouns) I’m a (so far) self taught aspiring product designer interested in operating systems and the devices they run on. WVWC CS ‘21

My first smartphone was an LG G4, and I loved that thing. I chose the G4 over the then-recently launched Galaxy S6 because it was slightly cheaper, the camera was quite good, and (most importantly) I’m a contrarian mess. While the S6 would surely make it easier for me to…

The rebooted pride flag, mean to recognize the specific struggles of queer and trans POC

Its almost the end of Pride month, and, inevitably, some people claim queerness is nothing to be proud of. In an ideal world, sure, orientation and gender identity would just be facts about you and not accomplishments to be proud of, but this isn’t the world we live in. Our…

Jacob Estep

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